Digital 3D scanning Belfast

, Digital 3D scanning

Our iTero element 3D scanner brings digital technology into the dental surgery.

Using the intraoral camera, we can take scans of your teeth and gums then display realistic 3D digital models on our touch screen. Not only does this give you the opportunity to properly see what’s going on, it allows us to gather accurate measurements of your mouth. These digital impressions can streamline treatment such as teeth straightening with Invisalign and having dental implants.

Intraoral camera

Our hand-held camera is small and non-invasive. We can scan your full mouth quickly and can stop at any time. Many people are put off having traditional impressions, especially if they have a sensitive gag reflex. As the camera is a lot smaller than the impression tray, it’s a much more comfortable process.

Digital dentistry

As everything is digital, it eliminates the need to send over a bunch of paperwork to the dental lab when we need to have any restorations or braces made. We can send over your impressions with the click of a button.

A more visual experience

With our monitor, we can show you high-definition images of your smile. The touchscreen makes it even easier for us to rotate and zoom as we talk through your oral health and address any issues.