Teeth Whitening and Sensitivity

Teeth Whitening Blog1 300x240Why you should only be treated by a qualified dentist.

With the growing demand for beautiful white teeth there are many teeth whitening treatments and products available but what are the risks associated with using the different systems without consulting a qualified dentist?

Teeth whitening is a great solution to make your smile brighter and whiter by bleaching the teeth to lighten the their natural colour a few shades.  If you are opting to get your teeth whitened by a professional it is important to ensure that the clinic has a fully qualified dental practitioner to carry out such treatment.  By law, any professional teeth whitening procedure requires a qualified dental practitioner to be present during the treatment.

Choosing a professional teeth whitening treatment with a dental practice or cosmetic clinic can ensure that you are provided with the appropriate care throughout the teeth whitening process.  A qualified professional will be able to assess the likelihood of tooth sensitivity and will be able to provide advice on the type of whitening treatment suitable for you.

Whether you choose laser whitening, home kits or other teeth whitening procedures each process may require a few trips to your dental clinic of choice combined with at home after care.  Teeth whitening risks include increased tooth sensitivity and damage to the roots of the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Plan

A clinic should also devise a treatment plan specifically for you before you pay or undergo treatment.  Receiving check-ups as part of the teeth whitening plan is good dental practice.  These check-ups are normally required to monitor any tooth sensitivity issues and to ensure you have the pearly whites you desire post-treatment.

Home kits that can be bought over the counter on the high-street do not by law require over-sight by a qualified dental practitioner however, it would be advised to consult your dentist if you plan to use this type of treatment.  Home kits usually involve a mouth guard which you fill with a bleaching gel.  The mouth guards provided tend to be made for one-size-fits-all, the gel can leak out into your mouth causing sensitivity and sometimes blistering of the gums and inner cheeks.

Seeking the advice and oversight of a dental professional is highly advised and is often a legal requirement depending on which treatment you choose.  You can check if your dental practitioner is registered with the General Dental Council to ensure they are qualified as a dental professional to carry out such treatments.

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