Keep your mouth healthy and happy with better oral hygiene

White Fillings 200x300Learning how to practice better oral hygiene will keep your mouth healthy for longer.  Every single day you chew, eat and swallow, a wide range of foods that can cause long-term dental problems if your mouth is not cleaned properly.  The problems that can occur from poor oral hygiene vary from bad smelling breath to dental cavities and gum diseases, in more serious cases teeth may need to be extracted.

To keep your teeth and the overall health of your mouth in good condition a thorough daily oral hygiene routine, that involves using mouthwash, brushing and flossing, is recommended.  Even with a very good daily routine for oral hygiene, regular dental appointments are essential to keep your pearly whites looking good, smelling fresh and being healthy.

Most dentists recommend that you go to at least two Dental Hygiene treatments every year as part of your regular dental and oral health routine. During an appointment with the hygienist, your teeth are given a deep clean treatment by a specially trained oral hygienist.  The Dental Hygiene treatment increases the overall health of your mouth and leaves your smile whiter and brighter than it was before.

Food debris in between teeth is not completely removed by everyday flossing, left in the mouth this debris can lead to oral health problems like gum disease and dental cavities.  The hygienist is able to remove ‘hard-to-reach’ debris from between teeth decreasing the risk of dental problems and increase overall oral hygiene.

Over time teeth acquire a certain amount of staining which day-to-day oral hygiene cannot reduce, by attending at least two Dental Hygiene appointments every year there will be a significant reduction in this long-term staining.  Not only is this good news for the health of your mouth but it will leave you with a bright white and beautiful smile.

To make sure your daily routine goes further and gives you the smile that you deserve, check out membership with Braden Dental Care.  Membership includes two Dental Hygiene treatments per year.