Soft drinks- how to limit damage

Fizzy Drinks 007 300x180At Braden Dental Care we often see the destructive effects of consumption of carbonated drinks and ‘sports’ drinks.

Soft drinks usually have a ph between 2.0 and 4.0 , any solution with a ph lower than 5.0 is strong enough to cause erosion to teeth. This means that both diet and non- diet drinks can both  cause damage to your teeth.

Soft drinks often contain citric acid and phosphoric acid which cause erosion, any sugar in these drinks coupled with bacteria on your teeth can also make acids which  can also cause decay.

So as you can see any soft drink whether it contains sugar or not can have a detrimental effect on your precious teeth!

If you must drink these types of drinks here are a few tips to DECREASE the detrimental effect they may be having on your teeth.

1.Drink through a straw to reduce the amount of the drink that comes into contact with your teeth.

2.Reduce the frequency of consumption of soft drinks.

3.Do not brush your teeth directly after the drink, if you have to brush directly after the drink then do this after swilling your mouth with water first.

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