Dental Implants versus Dentures

Wearing a DENTURE to replace missing teeth is not ideal in the majority of cases for these reasons:

1.Denture wearing can cause increased bone loss in the area where the teeth are missing.

2.Chewing forces are decreased making eating difficult which has been shown in various studies to decrease nutritional intake.

3.Denture wearing can cause decay and gum problems around supporting teeth.

4.50% of dentures will need to be replaced within 5 years.

5.Dentures can cause decreased taste sensation and problems with speech.


IMPLANTS  can provide a solution to the problems detailed above.  A Dental Implant is a small titanium screw which replaces the root of the missing tooth. This screw then integrates with the bone of the jaw allowing a crown or bridge to be placed to replace missing teeth.


1.Implants avoid damage to adjacent teeth.

2.Implants provide a long term solution.

3.Treatment with implants allows for improved taste and speech.

4.Implants allow for a fixed soltion which does not require removal from mouth.

5.Allows improved function and eating capability.


So as far as the health of remaining teeth, bone maintenance, comfort , longevity and increased confidence are concerned implants are definitely the treatment of choice.

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