10 Biggest Dental changes over last 10 years

1.   Increased  patient awareness of the need for excellent oral hygiene and regular dental hygienist visits leading to retention of natural teeth longer.

2.   Digital Xrays now used which means much less exposure to our patients with the added benefit of being much more diagnostic as they can be manipulated to a much greater degree of accuracy.
3.   Fewer Braden Dental Care patients opting for Porcelain veneers to straighten mis aligned and crowded teeth and more patients opting for the more tooth friendly approach of adult braces to cosmetically straighten teeth over short periods of time (often less than 6 months)  https://www.bradendentalcare.co.uk/six-month-smiles/
4.   More and more patients requesting whitening as a cost effective , minimally invasive way of improving their smile.
5.   A decrease in the use of silver amalgam fillings with an increase in white composite or porcelain fillings.
6.   The age range of patients requesting cosmetic solutions to improve their smile at Braden Dental Care is increasing. It used to be that cosmetic dental treatments were maily requested by patients in their 20’s,30’s and 40’s this now extends more to patients in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.
7.   Fewer patients having dentures and more having dental implants to replace missing teeth.
8.   Increased understanding by patients that dental maintenance with regular visits to Braden Dental Care is less invasive, less expensive and better for their health than curing a problem that has occurred over a longer period of non attendence.
9.   Google searches, the internet and online resources have allowed patients to become more educated and informed, new patients quite often now what they want before attending.
10.  Word of mouth referral of New patients is still our primary source but referral via online searches and social media sites is on the increase.

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