Coffee – Pros and Cons

CoffeeIn today’s blog Belfast cosmetic dentist Jim Braden discusses some of the surprising health benefits of drinking coffee and some of the negative effects it can have on your mouth.


Coffee contains antioxidants and polyphenols which have been shown in a recent study by the american journal of epidemiology to reduce the risk of oral cancer by nearly 50 % and may help to reduce the development and progression of other cancers.

Coffee drinkers also show a decreased risk of parkinson’s disease according to a recent study by Harvard professor Frank Hu.

Coffee has also been shown to decrease the chances of developing Alzheimers disease, Type 2 diabetes and strokes.


CONS (oral):

The caffeine in coffee can decrease the amount of saliva in your mouth causing bad breath and an increased risk of dental decay due to decreased salivary flow.

The dark pigment in coffee can lead to widespread staining and discolouration of your teeth.


So if you enjoy your daily intake of Cappuccino, Americano or Espresso and some of the health benefits that these bring it is important to visit the dentist regularly for hygienist cleaning and checks for dental decay.

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