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Long-term oral health can be achieved with regular visits to your private dentist

Regular visits to your private dentist will help keep your teeth pearly white.Regular visits to your private dentist are essential to keep your pearly whites pearly and your gums healthy.

Leaving long periods between dental check-ups with your dental clinic can be detrimental to your oral health. It is recommended that you visit your dentist at least once every six months. Visiting your dentist frequently for oral examinations will ensure that tooth decay, and other potentially harmful dental issues, are caught and treated before they cause long-term damage.

What to expect at a private dental check-up

During a dental check-up at a private dental clinic, your dentist will give you a thorough dental examination, this will include a full mouth, head and neck exam. You can expect your dentist to assess you for tooth decay, plaque and tartar and any signs of more serious issues such as cancer of the mouth and vitamin deficiencies. The dental professional will also remove any plaque and tartar within your mouth as part of your routine visit.

Early warning signs

Thorough examinations are vital as they often flag-up early warning signs of potential long-term oral health issues, such as gum disease and oral cancers. Catching serious diseases at an early stage is of the utmost importance, as treating disease as early as possible can reduce and prevent the disease from escalating. Once a dental hygiene examination has been completed, your dentist will be able to discuss with you the results of the exam.

Personalised advice

Once the results of the examination have been discussed with you, your dentist will be able to recommend a treatment plan. With regular visits to the dentist the treatment plan in most cases will focus on your daily oral health routine until your next check-up; you will receive advise on areas you may need to pay particular attention to, for instance brushing techniques to reduce plaque. However, with more serious dental hygiene issues your dentist may recommend a treatment plan to be followed with another dental health professional.

membershipFrequent visits

If you visit your private dental professional at least once every six months the oral health of your mouth should remain at a high standard. You will have plaque and tartar removed during each routine visit and will be given personalised advice on how to improve daily oral habits which contributes to long-term oral health. Frequent visits can also highlight more serious oral issues, but when caught at an early stage they can often be treated more quickly and easily than those discovered later.

To make sure you have the regular visits your oral health requires, check out membership with Braden Dental Care.  Membership includes two examinations per year.

Keep your mouth healthy and happy with better oral hygiene

Braden Dental white fillings BefastLearning how to practice better oral hygiene will keep your mouth healthy for longer.  Every single day you chew, eat and swallow, a wide range of foods that can cause long-term dental problems if your mouth is not cleaned properly.  The problems that can occur from poor oral hygiene vary from bad smelling breath to dental cavities and gum diseases, in more serious cases teeth may need to be extracted.

To keep your teeth and the overall health of your mouth in good condition a thorough daily oral hygiene routine, that involves using mouthwash, brushing and flossing, is recommended.  Even with a very good daily routine for oral hygiene, regular dental appointments are essential to keep your pearly whites looking good, smelling fresh and being healthy.

Most dentists recommend that you go to at least two Dental Hygiene treatments every year as part of your regular dental and oral health routine. During an appointment with the hygienist, your teeth are given a deep clean treatment by a specially trained oral hygienist.  The Dental Hygiene treatment increases the overall health of your mouth and leaves your smile whiter and brighter than it was before.

Food debris in between teeth is not completely removed by everyday flossing, left in the mouth this debris can lead to oral health problems like gum disease and dental cavities.  The hygienist is able to remove ‘hard-to-reach’ debris from between teeth decreasing the risk of dental problems and increase overall oral hygiene.

Over time teeth acquire a certain amount of staining which day-to-day oral hygiene cannot reduce, by attending at least two Dental Hygiene appointments every year there will be a significant reduction in this long-term staining.  Not only is this good news for the health of your mouth but it will leave you with a bright white and beautiful smile.

To make sure your daily routine goes further and gives you the smile that you deserve, check out membership with Braden Dental Care.  Membership includes two Dental Hygiene treatments per year.

Everything you need to know about adult braces

Be fitted for Cear Aligners by our Belfast Dentists.Beautiful straight teeth can give you confidence with every smile.  These days there are so many options it can be hard to know which will work for you and your lifestyle.  From fixed to removable, we are here to shed some light on the topic.  Here is a guide on everything you need to know about adult braces.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a twist on conventional orthodontic treatment, the average time of treatment is only six months.  This is a fixed brace that has clear braces and tooth-colour wires to ensure that, unlike traditional fixed braces, they are barely visible.   These adult braces provide a predictable final result and are a cheaper option than other fixed dental straighten techniques. Six Month Smiles uses low forces which increase the patient’s comfort and safety.

Clear Aligners

Overcrowding and gaps can leave you embarrassed to smile, but Clear Aligners are a safe and effective way to fix these problems.  Clear Aligners are removable and barely visible to the eye.  They are made purely out of a clear plastic, so there is no metal or springs, which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time and will not affect your speech.  The treatment time can differ from person to person, the total time of treatment will usually be between 6 and 16 months.

Fixed Ceramic

Fixed Ceramic braces work in an identical way to traditional fixed braces.  The main differences are that they are made from ceramic rather than metal and that they are tooth-coloured.  Ceramic braces are very sturdy and are not prone to breaking.  This type of teeth straighten is great for overcrowding, protruding teeth and gaps.  The time required for this type of treatment varies from six months to one year.

Braden Dental Care is a Belfast-based cosmetic dental clinic which has been providing quality dental and cosmetic care for over 10 years.  We offer a range of cosmetic treatments including adult braces, contact us to book your consultation.

Teeth Whitening and Sensitivity

teeth-whitening-blogWhy you should only be treated by a qualified dentist.

With the growing demand for beautiful white teeth there are many teeth whitening treatments and products available but what are the risks associated with using the different systems without consulting a qualified dentist?

Teeth whitening is a great solution to make your smile brighter and whiter by bleaching the teeth to lighten the their natural colour a few shades.  If you are opting to get your teeth whitened by a professional it is important to ensure that the clinic has a fully qualified dental practitioner to carry out such treatment.  By law, any professional teeth whitening procedure requires a qualified dental practitioner to be present during the treatment.

Choosing a professional teeth whitening treatment with a dental practice or cosmetic clinic can ensure that you are provided with the appropriate care throughout the teeth whitening process.  A qualified professional will be able to assess the likelihood of tooth sensitivity and will be able to provide advice on the type of whitening treatment suitable for you.

Whether you choose laser whitening, home kits or other teeth whitening procedures each process may require a few trips to your dental clinic of choice combined with at home after care.  Teeth whitening risks include increased tooth sensitivity and damage to the roots of the teeth.

Teeth Whitening Treatment Plan

A clinic should also devise a treatment plan specifically for you before you pay or undergo treatment.  Receiving check-ups as part of the teeth whitening plan is good dental practice.  These check-ups are normally required to monitor any tooth sensitivity issues and to ensure you have the pearly whites you desire post-treatment.

Home kits that can be bought over the counter on the high-street do not by law require over-sight by a qualified dental practitioner however, it would be advised to consult your dentist if you plan to use this type of treatment.  Home kits usually involve a mouth guard which you fill with a bleaching gel.  The mouth guards provided tend to be made for one-size-fits-all, the gel can leak out into your mouth causing sensitivity and sometimes blistering of the gums and inner cheeks.

Seeking the advice and oversight of a dental professional is highly advised and is often a legal requirement depending on which treatment you choose.  You can check if your dental practitioner is registered with the General Dental Council to ensure they are qualified as a dental professional to carry out such treatments.

Braden Dental Care is a Belfast-based cosmetic dental clinic which has been providing quality dental care for over 10 years. If you are thinking of whitening your teeth then contact us to book an appointment.

How much brighter can my teeth get through Teeth Whitening?

teeth whitening belfastWhether you want the Hollywood smile or simply to enhance your natural tooth colour, we have developed a simple guide on how bright and white your teeth can be after different types of teeth whitening methods.

With so much teeth whitening information on the internet and all the different products available, it can be difficult to know how much brighter and whiter teeth whitening can make your teeth.

Results will differ from person to person as tooth-responsiveness to teeth whitening methods will not be the same for everyone. The method used will also determine how light, bright and white your teeth can be, luckily this is something you can control. There are three main methods which can help you achieve the smile you want.

  • The Natural Smile – If you are looking for a naturally bright smile to flash on the streets of Belfast, the home whitening method might be for you. This method builds upon your natural tooth colour and will brighten your teeth by one or two shades. There are many home kits available and they take about two to three weeks to see results. However, when using these kits we would always advise a follow-up appointment with your dentist.
  • The Dramatic Smile – The dramatic smile is one step up from naturally brighter teeth. If you want to increase the whiteness of your smile by three to five shades, then you can make your teeth brighter with a tray or mouth piece which can be bought in cosmetic dental clinics. You place whitening gel into the mouth piece and wear it in your mouth when you are asleep and at regular intervals throughout the day. Results take between two to three weeks to appear.
  • The Hollywood Smile – To achieve The Hollywood Smile the natural colour of your teeth will be brightened by six to seven shades. The method involves whitening the teeth with a power whitening technique and will have to be carried out by a trained and certified dental practitioner. The method usually requires only one trip to the dental surgery before you see results and your dental practitioner should provide you with teeth whitening aftercare.

Lifestyle factors can affect whether your teeth stay light, bright and white for weeks or months after each whitening treatment method. If you want to keep your new smile bright for longer then reduce lifestyle factors that stain teeth, such as smoking, drinking red wine, sugary drinks, tea or coffee.

With any whitening method we would always advise booking an appointment with a qualified dentist to ensure you are choosing the best method for you.

Braden Dental Care is a Belfast-based cosmetic dental clinic which has been providing quality dental care for over 10 years. If you are thinking of whitening your teeth then contact us to book an appointment.

New patient referrals, we love it.

At Braden Dental Care we love the fact that so many of our new patients come to see us because they have been referred by a family member or friend.

Whether it is for routine dentistry or a cosmetic dentistry solution we know we can help.

On a personal note ,as a dentist , it is a positive affirmation that what you are doing on a daily basis is making a difference to your patients, instilling confidence and inspiring .

We love meeting the people that our existing patients want to share us with .

If  you are somebody who has been recommended to us and therefore someone is likely to recommend somebody to us in the future , we look forward to meeting you 🙂

If you haven’t been recommended to us and have come  across us we welcome you also and look forward to seeing you soon .

For  private dentistry in Belfast , Northern Ireland . Whether it be routine  dentistry or cosmetic dentistry contact Braden Dental Care on 02890491333 or

The Best solution for snoring.

Braden Dental Care has recently added a new service!

The provision of  the Somnowell anti snoring devices  to our patients is an exciting development for the snorers of Belfast.anti snoring


What is snoring?

Snoring is caused by the vibration of soft tissues in your throat due to obstructed air movement  during breathing while sleeping .

Studies indicate that at least 35% of adults snore.

Snoring can cause sleep disturbance and the resulting stress, and drowsiness, leading to lack of energy, poor concentration, mood swings, irritability and even decreased libido.

Snoring can not only affect the quality of sleep of the person snoring but also their partner.

Over a longer period of time, snoring can also lead to high blood pressure and heart problems.

Multiple clinical studies have shown a connection between loud snoring and an increased risk of both stroke and heart attack.


Somnowell for Snoring

The good news is that help is at hand at Braden Dental Care and the overwhelming majority of people suffering from problematic snoring can be effectively treated using a Somnowell  device .

We are currently the only certified Somnowell practitioner in the Belfast area.

The Somnowell is designed to gently hold the lower jaw and tongue in the ‘recovery position’ while you sleep, keeping the airway open.

The Somnowell device is very comfortable and a lot less bulky than plastic antisnoring devices.

The Somnowell is made from Chrome Cobalt alloy, and designed to last indefinitely. It won’t suffer from wear and tear, and is resistant to the bacteria commonly found in acrylic and plastic devices. After many years, the Somnowell will look and feel exactly the same. The only requirement is that you maintain the health of your teeth and mouth and take good care of your Somnowell device.


Somnowell is recommended by :

The British snoring and sleep apnoea  association.

Sleep Centres

ENT Surgeons, Sleep Physicians, Respiratory Physicians

Orthodontists, Dentists

General Medical Practitioners


If you snore and suffer from the effects caused by it we can help. Please contact Braden Dental Care on 02890491333 or  to arrange a consultation.


smileI love learning new things. It’s a big part of my life and a massive part of my professional career.

Learning the most up to date techniques for clinical dentistry and having a solid knowledge and understanding of the most effective, cosmetic and durable materials on the market is vital in my job.

So in 2014 I have been travelling to Chepstow in South Wales attending a  year long course in Orthodontics (straightening of teeth using braces). I already provide Adult braces for patients helping them to improve their smile and confidence but the course is expanding my knowledge and allowing me to treat more complicated and demanding cases and I’m loving it !

Providing Adult Braces to move teeth into more cosmetic positions is an ever increasing part of what we do at Braden Dental Care.

Maybe we can help you!

Feel free to contact us for a chat :     or 02890 491333

Jim Braden


Changing lives

A question that I am often asked is “Why would you ever want to be a dentist?”.

The response to that is multifold :


1. I enjoy building relationships with my patients and their extended family and love seeing them on a regular basis  to catch up with what’s going on in their lives.

2. I love the look on  a patient’s face when we ‘reveal’ their new smile, sometimes it involves tears of joy, having achieved a change that they never thought possible. A dental transformation very often causes a massive boost in confidence.

3. Helping someone who is in extreme pain get out of that pain within minutes. There aren’t many professions that can do that!

4. Using manual dexterity and artistry to perform works of art in a limited space .

I could go on………………

If you would like us to help you with Cosmetic dentistry, Adult braces, general dentistry in Belfast,  Northern Ireland. Contact us on  or 02890491333.

Soft drinks- how to limit damage

fizzy drinksAt Braden Dental Care we often see the destructive effects of consumption of carbonated drinks and ‘sports’ drinks.

Soft drinks usually have a ph between 2.0 and 4.0 , any solution with a ph lower than 5.0 is strong enough to cause erosion to teeth. This means that both diet and non- diet drinks can both  cause damage to your teeth.

Soft drinks often contain citric acid and phosphoric acid which cause erosion, any sugar in these drinks coupled with bacteria on your teeth can also make acids which  can also cause decay.

So as you can see any soft drink whether it contains sugar or not can have a detrimental effect on your precious teeth!

If you must drink these types of drinks here are a few tips to DECREASE the detrimental effect they may be having on your teeth.

1.Drink through a straw to reduce the amount of the drink that comes into contact with your teeth.

2.Reduce the frequency of consumption of soft drinks.

3.Do not brush your teeth directly after the drink, if you have to brush directly after the drink then do this after swilling your mouth with water first.

If you would like help resolving dental problems caused by soft drink consumption or indeed we can help you  with any other dental issues please contact Braden Dental Care, cosmetic dentists , Belfast , Northern Ireland on 02890491333 or